Banana Bread Donuts

Banana Bread Donuts
Move over Royal Wedding desserts here come the donuts! I have some exciting donut fun coming up next week (stay tuned for that) but in the meantime I decided to make some! The last donuts I made were Pumpkin Cake Donuts for Thanksgiving.

Banana Bread Donuts
These are the best donuts I have ever made! The recipe only made about 6 donuts so I took the photos really quickly so I could eat them!
Banana Bread Donuts
It’s a basic cake donut with mushed banana, pecans and cardamom added to the batter.
These are best enjoyed on the same day they are made (they will go soggy quickly)!
Banana Bread Donuts

*This recipe uses very hot oil. Make sure you have the proper equipment*

Banana Bread Donuts


Banana Bread Donuts

Yield: 6-12 donuts


1 3/4 cups plain flour, sifted

2 tsp baking powder

1/3 cup caster/superfine sugar

1 tsp nutmeg

2 tbs unsalted butter

1 egg

1/3 cup scalded milk (I used soy)

2 tbs plain yogurt (I used soy)

1 tsp vanilla

1-2 mashed bananas

1/4 cup chopped pecans

pinch of cardamom

Rapeseed oil for fryingGlaze

1 1/2 cups (150g) icing sugar, sifted

2 tbs maple syrup

2 tbs milk


  1. Scald the milk by bringing it to a near boil in a heavy bottomed saucepan. Set it aside to cool down. Scalding the milk keeps the donuts fluffy.
  2. In a small bowl mash the bananas. Mix in the chopped pecans and cardamom. Set aside for later.
  3. In a large bowl combine the flour, baking powder, salt, nutmeg and sugar. Add the butter and blend together with a hand pastry blender. The mixture will be like crumbs.
  4. In the cooled saucepan with the scalded milk mix in the yogurt, egg and vanilla. Slowly pour the wet ingredients into the flour mixture and mix with a wooden spoon. Add in the banana mixture and fold until the batter is thick, similar to cookie dough. Don't over mix or the donuts will be like rubber.
  5. Cover the mixture with cling film and set aside for 20 minutes. While that sits get your frying station and glaze ready.
  6. Make the glaze by whisking together the icing sugar, maple syrup and milk. Pour 2 inches of oil into a big pan and clip a candy thermometer on.
  7. Heat the oil to 360 F. Cut out squares of parchment and grease them lightly. Fill a piping bag with a round tip (big enough to allow the pecans through) with the batter. Pipe rounds on each square.
  8. When the oil reaches 360 F put 2 donuts parchment side up in the oil. Using a pair of tongs lift the parchment paper off. Fry on each side for 1-2 minutes (do a test donut first).
  9. When done lift the donuts out and place on a paper towel lined plate. Once slightly cooled glaze (I did 2 coats).

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  1. Momma Shakespere

    These look so delicious, that I may have to try making them soon! Yum!!

  2. Mycroft

    It's like combining two of the best things into one!

  3. Joyful Things

    I was sooooo excited when I read this recipe, my mouth was watering before I got to the end and then sadly I realized that I sold my deep fryer in the garage sale a few weeks ago after the bear dragged it off my deck and into the flower bed. I may have to go out and buy another one – these sound delicious!

  4. egbkid

    Wow, these look delicious! I do not have a deep fryer and am a bit afraid to use a pot of oil like my Mom did when i was a kid, so i have never made real donuts (unless you count working for a donut shop). I want to try these, i guess i will need to borrow a deep fryer!

  5. Cupcake Kelly

    I worked at Krispy Kreme the summer before I went to college. I didn't eat a donut for about a year after that!

    I have a deep fryer but I like to use a pot for the donuts. I use a big heavy bottomed soup pot with high sides and I use rapeseed oil as it doesn't seem to "pop" when heated. Definietly be careful when frying with a fryer or a pot!

  6. The Caked Crusader

    There's only one word for these Kelly: awesome!
    Love the idea of a banana doughnut. You do good work!!!

  7. lily-m

    IT's good idea and i will try !

  8. Cupcake Kelly

    aww thanks Sam!

  9. Asian

    I want some………………NOW!

    Love your blog!


  10. Natalie Ryker

    wow these look amazing!!!! i am definetly going to try it!!!

  11. Visit Pakistan

    Yummy!good recipe and i will try it


  12. Cthalie

    hmm makes you want ..!!! very nice recipe. cthalie

  13. Jenny Eisen

    Your blog is so great! I want to devour all the food you make! Take a look at mine and tell me if you like the recipes!


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