Top Ten Cupcakes of 2010

I’ve been reading lots round ups of the year and I think it’s a great idea. I have only just set up my Google Reader in the last few months. Previously I had everything book marked so I wasn’t able to read as many blogs as I do now.

I did a half year round up here of all the things I was proud of and what I wanted to accomplish. In this round up I’ve posted my Top 10 favorite cupcakes (in no particular order). No easy task considering I’ve made 155 posts so far this year and 57 of them were related in some way to cupcakes.

1. In March this Strawberry and Dark Chocolate Ice Cream Cone Cupcake was my first cupcake posting (and sadly got lost when I moved to WordPress). I love the way it looks when sliced down the middle. I threw some bright colored sprinkles into the batter to get the spotted effect in the cake.

2. The Lemon and Vanilla Easter Cupcakes were a big hit at the office. I love the lavender color of the frosting.

3. In May I made the Princess Cupcake Cake for a friends daughter. It was a big hit and was also my first mention on Cupcakes Take the Cake.

4. Also in May I made my now famous Watermelon Cupcakes. They got me my first Iron Cupcake London win.

5. The Popcorn Cupcakes that were for the last Iron Cupcake London are one of the most popular on my blog. The red and white striped cases along with the white and yellow frosting made these extra cute. They were number 16 on Party Cupcake Ideas 50 Summer Cupcake Ideas.

6. The Designer Hi Hats are one of my favorites and one of my most creative. Also mentioned on Cupcakes Take the Cake.

7. Sometimes simple is the best. I love the way these Chocolate Rainbow Cupcakes look. These are probably the easiest cupcakes to make. A little bit of trickery with the sprinkles really sets them apart.

8. The Bubblegum Cupcakes were the favorite of the day at Cupcake Camp. Not everyday that an A List Hollywood celebrity tells you your cupcakes are cute!

9. The Pumpkin Cupcakes I made for fall were some of the best tasting I’ve ever made.

10. The best for last is my Wedding Cupcake Tower.

Other desserts I made that deserve a special mention are the Rainbow Marshmallows, Honey Macarons and Coconut Cake Donuts.

Happy New Year everyone! Thanks so much for reading my blog and leaving comments. I appreciate it and I read all of them. I can’t wait to see what cupcakes 2011 brings!

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