Red Velvet Oreo Cupcakes

Red Velvet Oreo Cupcakes

I wanted to write a very quick post and let everyone know that my baby boy arrived! He’s so awesome I can’t believe it. He arrived on his due date as well! I’ll share some pictures soon.

Red Velvet Oreo Cupcakes

My mom is here to help me out for a little while. I’m so grateful. It makes things so much easier. I’ve been able to get enough sleep and keep up with the house chores. We even managed to squeeze in a few trips to the store (poor baby needed smaller clothes!) and I made some cupcakes while baby was sleeping in his Mama Roo.

Red Velvet Oreo Cupcakes

I of course could not resist making cupcakes with the new Red Velvet Oreos. I decided to make a vanilla cake with an Oreo at the bottom (top cookie twisted off), crushed Oreos in the batter and a buttercream icing with crushed Oreos. I decided to go without a cream cheese frosting but that’s just my own personal preference.

I used the cookies and cream recipe from Tide and Thyme. Since I used the smaller baking cups I had enough batter leftover to make one 6 inch layer cake. Maybe a red velvet Oreo Cupcake Milkshake will be next!

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  1. it looks so yummy!


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