Oreo Birthday Surprise Cupcakes

Oreo Birthday Surprise Cupcakes

This coming weekend my blog is turning two! I can’t believe that I have been blogging for two whole years. Time has flown by and I like to think that my baking skills have improved a lot! I made my first post on March 25, 2010. Sadly, the first three post I made in blogger didn’t survive the transition to wordpress.


Oreo Birthday Surprise Cupcakes

I love birthday cupcakes so to commemorate my blogs birthday I used Oreo 100 birthday cake cookies baked inside funfetti cupcakes.

Oreo Birthday Surprise Cupcakes

I feel like I struck the cookie lottery getting my hands on a bag of these! My sister brought them from New Hampshire to give to me in Spain. They’re well traveled! They went from New Hampshire to Boston to Miami to Madrid to Sevilla and then on to their final destination, London.

Oreo Birthday Surprise Cupcakes

I love funfetti. It has it’s own special smell that’s a whole other level compared to vanilla cupcakes. I wish I could find funfetti perfume but then I’d probably end up thinking about cupcakes more than I already do!

Oreo Birthday Surprise Cupcakes

I made my #2 topper by dipping a birthday cake Oreo in some blue candy melts. I wrote the 2 in glitter gel and then poured the rainbow sprinkles on top.

Oreo Birthday Surprise Cupcakes

I used a funfetti cupcake mix, which made 6 cupcakes. I put one spoon of batter into the liner and placed the Oreo in and then placed another spoon of batter on top. I made half of this frosting recipe with some vanilla paste and no food coloring.

Oreo Birthday Surprise Cupcakes

Happy Birthday and I can’t wait to see what year three brings!

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  1. Happy 2nd birthday to your blog! I am sooo jealous of your birthday cake Oreos! I scoured the internet and every American grocery site I could think of and even emailed them and put in requests but no one could get these cookies!! I even contemplated ordering them off American ebay for £15 but they wouldn’t have arrived in time for Oreo’s birthday so I gave it a miss – did they taste good? those are certainly the most well travelled Oreos I’ve ever heard of!

    • Thanks. I really liked them! They taste like funfetti so they are perfect for these cupcakes. I’m sad I only have one bag. It’s frustrating that we don’t get cool stuff sometimes.

  2. I really must try baking oreos inside bigger cakes, it looks fun. Do they go softer inside the cake or still stay firm?

    • I ate one the next day and it was soft but not in a gross way. It blended in well with the funfetti cake. I would defineitly bake cupcakes with them inside again.

  3. Congrats on your two years of blogging. I love the cupcake idea with the oreos in the middle.

  4. Happy 2nd blog birthday!! Such a great milestone and the perfect cake to celebrate. I saw these when I was in America (birthday oreos), took a picture but didn’t buy them then as I was on my way out and had already bought 2 packs of mint oreos. I thought I’d get them later but never saw them again :( My one big regret from my trip. I love how you baked the oreo inside the cupcake using a funfetti mix. Very celebratory and well deserved for an awesome blog.

  5. Happy blog birthday Kelly! These cupcakes are so cute!

  6. Girls Pamper Parties London

    Wow these cakes look amazing and totally delicious, especially the oreos one! <3 xx

  7. Sarah

    ‘Tis nothing new under the sun! I thought I had an ‘original’ idea the other night, putting oreos inside cupcakes….but here you are, another American in the UK already doing the same. Will definitely be trying these :-)


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