Iron Cupcake London: Celebration

Last night was Iron Cupcake London XI: Celebration! It has been one year since Iron Cupcake started and this is my 11th entry (there was no competition in May hence only 11 challenges).
It was a great night as usual and there weren’t as many entries as last time but they were all quality cupcakes which sometimes is better than quantity.

There are my popcorn cupcakes
There are my poor little minis. They got tumbled around in the Tupperware pretty bad.

Elizabeth made the green Creme De Mint cupcakes. She came all the way from Wales! Now that is dedication. I’m glad she’s so dedicated they were amazing! The chocolate base was perfectly moist and the icing was after eight chocolate and mint liquor.

The pale pink one in the middle was one of my favorites. It was pink strawberry champagne. It was the amateur winner.

The two in the back had so much frosting. The 4th of July cupcake was very good. I’m a sucker for peanut butter. It was peanut butter frosting and chocolate and peanut butter marbeled cake.

The one on the right was a red velvet cupcake without the red color.

The destruction. I didn’t eat all of these myself.

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