Cupcakes at Liberty

It was an almost sunny Bank Holiday Monday so I decided to take myself to Liberty department store for an afternoon treat. I’d head they had cupcakes so I went for a taste test.
The outside of the store is very pretty and the inside is very posh. Almost 8 years living in London and this is the first time I’ve gone inside!
The cafe on the ground floor has afternoon tea, snacks and a few savory snacks. I chose a cupcake, a tart and a cup of tea.

Strawberry Cupcake, there was a little strawberry under the icing.
The cake was ok. It wasn’t bad but once the wrapper came off the cake couldn’t stand up on it’s own. It didn’t taste like a proper cupcake should. At £3.75 I was expecting a bit more.

The cake stuck to the wrapper a little bit
Pear Tart
I ordered a Pear Tart for something different to try. I don’t think I’ve ever had a Pear Tart before. I expected something round rather than in a slice. It doesn’t look like much but I really enjoyed it. It was moist and the pear was fresh. It was even more expensive at £5.25! I’m not sure I would pay that much for a tart again.
Passionfruit & Orange Herbal Tea
Liberty has a very large tea selection. The teas were more reasonably priced than the cakes.
Overall, I thought that Liberty was too expensive. The cupcakes were pretty unimaginative. The tea and tart were nice. I think that Liberty should stick to what they know best and leave the cupcakes to someone else.
Great Marlborough Street
London W1F
This has nothing to do with cupcakes but I saw this on the way to Liberty
Mr. Magic cup of corn for £2.00

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