Baking Mad Chocolate Christmas Cupcakes

Christmas Cupcakes
I can’t believe that Christmas is almost here! I haven’t bought a single present or mailed any Christmas cards. It will get done…eventually. I have however made an endless stream of Christmas baked goods and planned every meal for the week of Christmas.

Christmas Cupcakes

Baking Mad contacted me and asked me to have a go at an interpretation of their Christmas Cupcakes. I made the chocolate cake with a little vanilla and chocolate chips instead of raisins. I added a generous portion of vanilla to the buttercream along with a few teaspoons of milk to make it nice and fluffy!
Christmas Cupcakes

I made the little candy cane toppers using Silverspoon Ready Rolled White Icing. I dyed a small portion red and made two balls the same size. One red and one white. I gently rubbed them together and then rolled them into little logs to make the candy canes. I placed them on some parchment to dry out overnight.

For someone that doesn’t make fondant decorations very much I think they came out pretty cute! Check back later for a giveaway of an Eric Landlard baking book!

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