Cupcake Camp London 2010

Cupcake Camp London 2010
The first Cupcake Camp London has come to an end and I’d say it was a roaring success! I made 100 cupcakes and they were nearly all gone in an hour and a half. There are lots of photos, click here to see them all! There was even an A-List celebrity in attendance!

Cupcake Camp London 2010
Andrea and I shared a table. Her part is on the left all nice and organized and my part on the right. I didn’t have one extra inch of space on my table!
Cupcake Camp London 2010

I spent a staggering 12 hours on Saturday making 4 different kinds of cupcakes, but it was all worth it since all the proceeds went to the North London Hospice.

Cupcake Camp London 2010
The Sundae hi hats were the moved popular of my cakes.
Cupcake Camp London 2010
The Root Beer Float was the most hated cupcake in London! People were afraid of it. I had to taste one to make sure it was OK (it was). Root Beer is just too American I think.
Cupcake Camp London 2010
The Bubblegum Cupcake was also hugely popular. I entered it in the most unique ingredient contest and I came in as a runner up. I was very proud. I think it was a huge hit as it’s so pink and fun! The kids loved it.
Cupcake Camp London 2010
Last is the Orange Velvet my Halloween themed cupcake for the day.
Cupcake Camp London 2010
Proud Camden was a really interesting venue. After the main room there was a stable room. A hallway with “stables” along the sides. Each stable was decorated differently and this is where the donated cupcakes were.
Cupcake Camp London 2010Cupcake Camp London 2010
A few of the cakes entered in the Halloween contest. The ones of the left were made by what surely was the youngest contestant (10). She was so adorable. She started her own cupcake club too (great minds think alike).
Cupcake Camp London 2010
I love cupcake bouquets
Cupcake Camp London 2010Holy Batman!

Cupcake Camp London 2010
Ms. Cupcake with an awesome cupcake hat! She has the best cupcakes AND she is so lovely.
Cupcake Camp London 2010
The huge crowd of people
Cupcake Camp London 2010
You think I’d be all cupcaked out, but no! I got some tokens and took some cakes home!
Cupcake Camp London 2010
Look at those lonely Root Beer Float Cupcakes!

Thanks so much to everyone who bought one of my cakes (I hope you enjoyed them), to Daisy for organizing the whole event, my friend Shereen who helped me to the venue will all my boxes (she also won honorable mention in the vegan category!) and to my friend Lisa who took nearly all of the photos in the slide show and selected cakes from the stables for me while I was at my table.

*Links for recipes of all 4 cupcakes are underneath each respective picture!

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  1. Made With Pink

    Yay! Can't believe it's all over! I had such a great time – despite only getting about 5 hours sleep the night before! Really pleased we could help raise so much money for such a good cause!

  2. Cupcake Kelly

    I'm sad it's over! Maybe I should resurrect the Cupcake Club for something before Christmas!

  3. Anonymous

    Thanks for posting a photo of my cupcake bouquet Kelly, it was a pleasure to taste one of your delicious cupcakes! It was indeed an awesome event and I hope they'd host more similar events.

    All the best.

    Gaby Taki from Cuppies 'n' Creme

  4. Baking Addict

    Well done on making all those cakes. I would have loved to try the root beer cake as I love root beer. How did I miss that I dont know! Yes do resurrect cupcake club – please :)
    I've put some pictures of your cakes on my blog

  5. Dinda Minardi

    Wooowww!!! So many cupcakes.
    U're so talented!!!
    I would love to try the root beer float cupcakes :)


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