Cupcake Camp London

Cupcake Camp London has arrived and American Cupcake in London is a sponsor! I’ll be sharing a table with Made with Pink!
Cupcake Camp will take place on October 31st from 2-5 at Proud London in Camden. Cupcake Camp is a charity event that will benefit the North London Hospice.
Andrea and I will each be making a ton of cupcakes but many others will be donating a dozen here and there. No doubt there will be enough cupcakes to go around!
Fancy your chances and enter the baking competition in a variety of different categories. Judged by Lisa and Martha from the Primrose Bakery.

Cupcakes and frosting shots can be “purchased” with 1 ticket. Tickets can be bought by donating £1.
£1 = 1 ticket very simple!

P.S My “logo” on all the posters is an American flag with a cupcake on it. I had less than one day to come up with something and it was the best I could do with some photoshop. Fast forward a few days and my friend Sophia says she wants to learn how to use Photoshop and she sends me the picture at the top of the blog! What? How did she manage to make that using Photoshop for the first time!? My Photoshop effort looks like something a 10 year old made…I’m lucky to have such a talented friend! I’m an accountant I’m not expected to be creative.

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