Cupcake Camp Bournemouth

Cupcake Camp Bournemouth

I attended Cupcake Camp Bournemouth recently. The event successfully raised over £1,800 pounds for Macmillan Cancer Support. I took a lot of photos on the day, click here to see them all. A lot of hard work into organizing the event.

Cupcake Camp Bournemouth

I donated Chocolate Pretzel Man Cakes. There aren’t any cupcake shops in Bournemouth (as far as I know) but there are plenty of home businesses in the area. Nearly all of the cakes donated were from professional bakers. I really wanted to take a picture of each kind donated but it was too busy and the cupcakes dissapeared really quickly!

Here are some of my favorites from the day (if anyone knows who made these let me know and I’ll update each photo).

Cupcake Camp Bournemouth
Bournemouth Beach Hut by Lucy’s Sugar Shack
Cupcake Camp Bournemouth
Fish n’ Chips also by Lucy’s Sugar Shack
Cupcake Camp Bournemouth
Mother’s Day Cupcakes

IMGP3520This was the best tasting cupcake of the day I think! It was a nut and spice combination.

Cupcake Camp Bournemouth

On the whole I left the event feeling a little disappointed. When I left the last cupcake camp I attended, I left on such a high (not just a sugar high). This event had a different vibe.
I felt it was over before it even started. The event was advertised to start at 2pm and run until 5pm. When I arrived at 1:40pm to set up my stand people were already taking cupcakes. I wasn’t pleased when people kept trying to take them before I’d finished getting my display ready! The judging competition was also finished before the start and by 3pm all the cupcakes were gone and it was over. The good news is that people seemed to enjoy themselves and there were lots of kids having fun.
As a baker, in my opinion, I was disappointed that the businesses gave themselves a big profile and I thought the charity seemed to take second place. The event was organized with good intentions however.
I am excited for the next cupcake camp and I’m already thinking about some mind blowing creations!

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    Yummy….i like

  2. Pam Kellogg

    Wow! Your blog is beautiful! Found you through "Blogs Of Note" on Blogger. I'm following you now and also following you on Twitter and Facebook. I look forward to more of your wonderful posts and gorgeous photos of goodies!


  3. angelbellasucan

    Wow, seems so delicious and realy attract me a lot.

  4. K.Matthews

    wow, that fish and chips one looks amazing! (I too found your blog through Blogs of Note and shall be following!)

  5. Lovely Cupcakes. Especially the one with the Beach Hut. I like it!


  6. EddyRose

    Hi Kelly, I agree with your comments it was all pretty frantic but I do think that for a first 'camp' it was a pretty good effort.
    I had one of your pretzel cupcakes and it was delicious!
    I was also pleased to see a pic of my baklava cupcake in your album! xx

  7. Indy Grrrl

    I love the pretzel and fish and chips cupcakes. They look delicious.

  8. Cupcake Kelly

    The fish n chips and beach hut were made by Lucy's Sugar Shack.

    Very happy that everyone likes all the cupcakes!

  9. Lisa Hagg

    Hi Kelly, not too sure I understand your comment about the Businesses giving themselves a big profile? I ran an activity stall for the kids attending the event, it proved very popular with the kids and adults alike. I proudly gave up my time and resources to offer FREE activities for the event and asked everyone attending my stall to give donations to the charity. I raised almost £50 and all donations were handed over to the charity pot.

  10. cakeheaven1

    Hi Kelly I appreciate your blog and your comments. However for our first ever Cupcake Camp we were astounded at the turnout and were amazed at its incredible success. It was a testimony to the very hard work of the previous four months and Macmillan were delighted with the success of it! We couldn't have pulled it off without the tremendous support offered from businesses like Lisa's and the sense of community and excitement was evident from the event. We have had such positive feedback that we are already looking forward to the next one and perhaps then we will have learned a bit more about how to make it even more perfect x

  11. Cupcake Kelly

    Lisa, Mags – My biggest complaint is I felt it was wrong for the Cupcake Camp bournemouth twitter account and facebook to be advertising about classes and cupcakes for sale that were not related to the event and money from such things that didn't go to charity.

    Besides that for a first event it was good and you can never estimate how many people will show up to these kinds of things. the donations from the businesses are very important and all the cakes were lovely x

    As a side note wile I was setting up one of the bakeries also threatened to move my stand because it was in the "way" of their cakes.

  12. Ok, the Fish and Chips cupcake- that's a hoot.
    love your pics. Sounds like a great event.

  13. jemmalouise

    the pretzel ones look amazing (choco pretzels are my favourite), I agree there is no nice cupcake shops in Bournemouth!

  14. Christine

    Love the pics. I also thought the pretzel ones looked delicious!!

  15. wow what creative cupcakes.

  16. Kate Lee

    oh my god, i love cupcakes very much!!

  17. Kat@LifeofaCupcakeBaker

    I have started my blog in July and have been baking Cupcakes (properly) for over a year now. As I've just begun to blog I was looking for cupcake events but all I found were American ones. Thanks soo much for spreading the word about these events.

    xx Kat xx

  18. Janine miller

    The “best in show” was Josephine Tucker of Huckleberry’s Kitchen. It was Carott Cake. She’s recently opened a shop in Commercial Road, Lower Parkstone. Her cupcakes are amazing!!!