Easy Winter Wreath

Easy Winter Wreath

It’s a little late to post my holiday wreath since it’s only 6 days until Christmas but the technique can be used on a winter wreath and color combinations changed to suit any holiday. I went really simple for this wreath and kept it winter themed so I can keep it hung up for a few months.

Easy Winter WreathI bought all of my decorations on sale at Michael’s, used coupons, did multiple transactions to maximize savings and bought everything in New Hampshire while I was visiting my sister (no sales tax). I used a 50% off coupon on the burlap, which is usually $9.99, and the silver sparkly wreath hanger. I re used my autumn wreath (it was a little sad to cut off the yarn).

  • Wrap the wreath in burlap (I did it at a slight angle)
  • Wrap Christmas ribbon (in an eye popping color) around the burlap (use a different angle than the burlap)
  • Hot glue gun down your chosen flair pieces
  • The “B” (for Buhler) was a 99¢ Christmas ornament with the ribbon cut off
  • The snowman head was I think for floral arrangements (I pulled the metal wire off)
  • I twisted the pine cones from their stem
  • I glue gunned down the jingle bells around the pine cones

Decorate your wreath any way you like and take advantage of sales and coupons. Sometimes less is more!

Merry Christmas



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