DIY Yarn Autumn Wreath

Autumn Yarn Wreath

I finally finished setting up my craft room this weekend! I’m really excited to start spending some time in there when it’s too cold to go outside. It’s got everything I need. A small bed/sofa, my computer and desk, a crafting table and a nice big window to let in light. I used the room yesterday as my new “photo studio”.

Autumn Yarn Wreath

Now that we have more living space than we did in London I wanted to try my hand at a few seasonal touches to make the new place feel a bit more homey. I’m not the most artistic person so I decided to go with something very easy and simple. I decided that our front door could use a little decoration. I went with a yarn wreath modeled after Danielle Burkleo’s. I simplified mine even more by buying fake flowers.

What You’ll Need
1 Straw Wreath (keep it wrapped in plastic)
3-4 Seasonal accents
1 ball of yarn (I used Vanna’s Choice Olive)
Hot glue gun

I went to Michael’s a bought a wreath hanger for the door with my 50% off coupon (there is one on the app or in the paper nearly every week). Luckily the week I went all of the autumn items were 50% off. The great thing about this is I can always cut off the yarn and re use the wreath if I get tired of this design.


Start by tying a knot around the wreath. Wrap the yarn the entire ways around the wreath (this took me about 2 hours and I watched TV while I did it). Take your time doing this. I kept each stand close together and fairly tight. Don’t worry if some of the straw shows through. It’s supposed to look a little bit rustic.

Once you get all the way around tie the end off nice and tight. Place your chosen accents on the wreath. Before I glued mine down I hung it on the door and played around with different placements. Some of the pieces had clips and stems that weave through the yarn. In the end I only glued down one piece. Make a small bow for the top with ribbon (for bigger bows you may need floral ribbon with wires).



I also made a little one to hang in my cubicle at work. I really love the orange and green autumn colors. I’m glad I went with a fall theme for my wreath. I’ll be able to keep it hanging until Thanksgiving.

Total Cost (for the big wreath) Less than $20!
Wreath Hanger (can be used again) 6.99 (I used a 50% off coupon)
Straw Wreath $5.99
Yarn $3.99
Orange ribbon $2.50
Flowers/Accents $3.23

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