DIY Wood Photo Board

DIY Photo Board

I did my first real DIY project this weekend! I’m so excited that I did it on my own and it turned out even better than I imagined 🙂

If I can make my own wood photo board you can too!

DIY Photo Board

I wanted to make a photo board since I moved back to the US last year. I finally had more space but I made one trip to Home Depot and didn’t really see the kind of boards I was looking for and gave up.

There is a Lowes near our new place in Tennessee and I have a humongous craft room! Like the size of my first London apartment. Plenty of room to store a few more props.

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I looked a few places online and saw on Etsy buying one was more than $100 for one brown board or about $20-$100 for vinyl fake wood back drops.

I based my tutorial on the ones from Running in the Kitchen and Love & Olive OilI bought four 8 foot long boards that are 6 inches wide. I could only find cedar tongue & groove planks which were more expensive (about $12 each) but they didn’t have much else. They were pricey but nice quality.

We spent awhile sorting through the boards and picking four that had the best grain and weren’t damaged (a lot of the boards had chunks missing and were split in places).

DIY Photo Board

I asked someone at Lowes to cut the planks into two three foot sections and one two foot sections so I would have three boards (two 2×3 boards and one 2×2 board). I bought four water based paint samples. They didn’t have a huge selection. I went with brown for the bottom coat and white, turquoise and radiant orchid for the tops.

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First thing to do is glue the boards together. Before you start gluing pick which order you want the boards to be. I put the best looking ones in the middle.

Put wood glue in the groove of each board and firmly place the tongue inside. Wipe away any glue that squirts out the sides or back. Leave the boards to dry overnight.

The next morning I started the painting. I made a 50-50 mix of brown paint and water. Paint one board at a time. Immediately after painting take a paper towel and wipe down the plank.

I left these for about an hour to dry. I started the second coat with the purple for the smaller board. If I made a mistake then it wouldn’t be so tragic. This paint was pretty thick and I ended up making a few light dabs followed with some brush strokes and then wiping it down with a paper towel.

For the white board I added in a little bit of water to the paint and followed the same method. I kept the coverage on the white board fairly light and it ended up looking really good in the photos (start with less and add more later).

For the turquoise I tried the 50-50 mix of paint of water and this was the easiest. I used the same method as with the brown paint and roughly did two coats. I left them to dry for about 2-3 hours and the boards were ready to go by the afternoon!

This is definitely an easy project you can do yourself. Alex only helped me pick out the best looking boards and he held one end of the boards and I held the other while we did the gluing.

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