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Kelly's Craft Room

Now that we’ve got all of our furniture assembled and our shipment from London unpacked I wanted to share my new craft room. It’s not 100% for “crafting” but more of a blogging/reading/crafting/couponing/napping room but that’s too much of a mouthful. I’ve heard the word “Mom Cave” recently but I don’t have any kids so that’s not really appropriate either. It’s a home office but with a feminine touch that reflects my style.

We lived in a furnished rented apartment in London (it’s much more common over there than it is in the US) so we had not one stick of furniture. We knew we would have to buy furniture at some point in our lives so we made sure we had some money set aside for it. Nearly every piece of furniture in this room is from Ikea (we’re lucky there is one 45 minutes away in New Haven). The style and price point fit our budget. I debated back and forth about what I needed versus what would actually fit into the room. I went back and forth about getting a desk or a craft table but after I ordered a Dell PC it became clear that I would need both. After years of only having a $250 HP Netbook I invested in a desktop computer so that I can also do my day job from home. I shopped around for a good deal and I found one on sale, used a Dell coupon code I found online to save extra money and I got a gift card with my purchase (for joining the Dell club) that I used to buy my printer and Adobe Photoshop Elements 12.

The desk is a white Micke. I liked that instead of drawers on the bottom it has shelf’s where I can put my books to review and paperwork to do pile (and also display my My Little Pony collection). For $80 it feels pretty sturdy. For $20 the Vidja lamp is really awesome. It takes two low wattage candle bulbs and gives off a nice soft light.  I almost bought the pink one but thought if I decide to put it in another room that white would be more versatile. There are no light fixtures in any of the rooms in this house and we didn’t want to spend a fortune on lamps. We bought one Holmo lamp for each room at $9.99 each. It’s a very basic floor lamp with a paper lamp shade (we’ve managed to not puncture any of them yet). It also gives off a nice soft light.

The only thing I still need to get is an office chair. I’m waiting for the Skruvsta to come back into stock. I was adamant that I didn’t want a manly black office chair in here. My printer is sitting on top of two Helmer drawers. I use these to store our bills and other boring stuff. I bought the dog door stop years ago at John Lewis (I miss John Lewis and Waitrose terribly). The painting hanging above my desk was a gift from my friend Vanessa. She drew it for me after we went and saw Julia Child’s kitchen at the Smithsonian in DC (she copied it from a picture hanging in Julia’s kitchen).

Kelly's Craft Room

I wanted my craft room to have a light and spacious feel so I decided on nearly an all white theme. I bought the Hemnes Day Bed for my reading nook and it also doubles as a bed for when we have guests. I couldn’t resist the Skarum striped pillows. I use the drawers in the day bed for my scrap book storage. I hang my favorite posh pinnies on the back of the door (I ordered these from the UK before we left).

Kelly's Craft Room

I’m using the table at the very back by the window as my craft table and it’s also where I’m taking all of the photos for the blog. We found this in the basement of the house in a very dirty corner! It’s perfect and free (while we live in this house). One leg is strangely about half an inch too short hence the cardboard shoved under it. Thanks for taking the tour!

I bought all of the items in this room myself and am in no way affliated with Ikea. This is not a sponsored post and there are no affiliate links. 


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