Autumn Rose Wreath

Autumn Rose Wreath

We just moved into a nice suburb of Nashville where everyone hangs a wreath on their door and the neighbors bring over s’mores brownies to welcome you to the neighborhood!

Talk about my kind of place! Our old neighbors in Connecticut only ever waved at us.

All the other houses in the neighborhood had really nice looking wreaths up already so I had to come up with something to impress them. It was time to retire my spring/summer wreath anyway.

We also have a mostly glass front door. The wreath breaks it up a little.

Autumn Rose Wreath

I decided to stick with felt flowers but I went with only roses and decided to do them around the whole wreath. I chose six different fall colors ranging from beige to red.

I used the same method as my other wreath. The flowers take awhile to make since there are so many of them. I worked on this while I watched TV over the course of three nights.

I reused the base of my old wreath and bought a stuffed squirrel ornament to hand from the center. I spent approximately $7 on materials at Hobby Lobby (including the squirrel).

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