Waffle Maker Snickerdoodles

Waffle Maker Snickerdoodles

I made these Snickerdoodles least a month ago but time got away from me with the baby and all. I bought a waffle maker recently and have been “waffeling” pretty much everything. Tater tots, hash browns, french toast, biscuits and now cookie dough!

Waffle Maker Snickerdoodles

The waffle maker is one of my favorite kitchen devices. The intense heat make great crispy outsides and baked insides in a matter of a few minutes. I love my Cuisinart model. It has removable plates for easy cleaning and doesn’t need cooking spray when making waffles. I had a cheap waffle maker in London which didn’t quite make crispy exteriors.

There’s not really a recipe per se. I looked up a Snickerdoodle recipe online (which for the life of me I can’t find now) and then put it in the waffle maker for 3-4 minutes. Do a few test cookies first to test how much time. Every waffle maker will be different and I burned the first few cookies trying to find the right balance of heat and time.

The cookies taste best straight from the waffle maker. They don’t have the best texture the next day. You can even cheat and use store bought dough.

I can’t wait to experiment with other creations.

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