Valentine’s Day Funfetti Cookie Cake

Valentine's Day Funfetti Cookie Cake

The countdown to baby is down to the single digits now! Nine more days if he’s going to show up on time. He could potentially show up on my birthday (Feb 2nd) or even Valentine’s Day if he’s late!

Valentine's Day Funfetti Cookie Cake

I’ve still been going to work everyday. I’m trying to save up all my maternity leave for when the baby is actually here. I was doing fine until the last few days. I can hardly sleep at night and even going out and running a few errands left me feeling knackered! The nesting thing hasn’t kicked in yet.

Valentine's Day Funfetti Cookie Cake

I don’t want to give up baking. It helps take my mind off all the scary things that come with having a baby. The hardest part is actually taking the photos! I don’t have any tables in my craft room so my photo boards are on the floor. Crouching down to take the pictures is a little tricky :p

Valentine's Day Funfetti Cookie Cake

I have stuck to super easy fun desserts these last few weeks. Cookie cakes are about as easy as they come. Mix up the dough and press it all into a cake pan. Viola! I added some maraschino cherry juice to the frosting for a little flavor and light pint tint.

The recipe is from Life Made Simple. I didn’t make any changes except using Valentine’s Day sprinkles.

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  1. It looks perfect! I love that you added some of the cherry juice to the frosting- that’s such a great idea!

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