Milk & Cookies Shooters

Chocolate Chip Cookie ShootersThese were a little bit of a pain to make but they’re so much fun. I didn’t make them for any particular special occasion but considering all the effort I wish I had!

Chocolate Chip Cookie Shooters

No one would probably believe me but I tried to make cookie and frosting shots using my popover pan about a year before the famous Cronut creator made his. Mine were not super successful and they never made an appearance here on the blog.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Shooters

I bought the Wilton shot glass silicon mold for these at Michael’s for 50% off and it was much easier than trying to use the popover pan. It was time consuming to push the dough down into the mold but they popped out of the mold very easy and for the most part retained their shape.

I used this recipe and baked them in the mold for 25-30 minutes. Any less and the shooters were too soft and collapsed. I filled mine with malted milk for fun.

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