DIY Christmas Cookies in a Jar

DIY Christmas Gifts

I’ve seen cookies in jars at stores when I was a kid and I’ve seen them online the last few Christmases. The prices on these range from $10 all the way up to $20! I paid £2.99 for a one litre Kilner brand jar and had all the ingredients required in my cupboard at home.

DIY Christmas Gifts

I used this recipe from Bakerella to put in my jar. I researched extensively online for a recipe that would look pretty when it was layered and a cookie that would also taste good when it was mixed and baked.

If you chose another cookie recipe make sure to consider weather the ingredient is appropriate to be in a jar for a few weeks (it won’t absorb moisture from the other ingredients), the ingredients will fit in your jar and the cookie can be made with all the dry ingredients mixed into the bowl at once. Don’t forget to include a tag with the directions or tape them to the back of the jar.

DIY Christmas Cookies in a Jar

This is the video I was watching at midnight over and over again learning how to tie a Christmasey looking red bow! I don’t own a glue gun or have any fabric scraps to hand so I used a cupcake sticker to cover up the staple. The ribbon I used from Lakeland was cloth like. Keep this in mind when planning on any bows.

I mixed the cookies up to take into the office one day (I had to taste test them!). They tasted great and it was easy to add the wet ingredients and mix everything up.

Lakeland provided me with the ribbon on this jar. You can find it here. I really like this purple sparkly Christmas ribbon more though! Who doesn’t love sparkly ribbon.

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  1. So pretty, what a fabulous gift this would make. I would be delighted to receive this! I love the coloured chips!

  2. Love the Christmas ribbon, i did the exact same thing for my sister’s birthday, she’s at Uni so it was the perfect thing for her.

  3. This looks like such a nice idea :) the ingredients look really pretty all stacked up !

    Beautiful Dreams

  4. These look fab! What a great idea.

  5. Wow these are a fab idea! I must ask though, where did you get the green and red chocolate chips from?! They’re amazing!!!

    I was also wondering if you’d be happy for me to add this recipe to a Preparing for Christmas Linky over at my blog where different bloggers are sharing their Christmas recipes! If you’re happy for me to do so let me know. I’d also happily include a picture of the jar as well!

    Great recipe!

    Em xx

  6. where is the recipe to make this?

    • In the second paragraph there is a link to the page with the recipe. I made mine exactly the same so I didn’t re blog it.

  7. Wow this turned out so great! I love cookie mixes in jars, but with the addition of those green and red chips it makes it super festive! (I must look out for some of those!) the ribbon is awesome too!


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