Chocolate Butterfinger Cookies

Chocolate Butterfinger CookiesLately I’ve been focusing on very easy recipes. Tasty treats that can either be made in one bowl, do not require many steps or difficult assembly. I think in the last moth I’ve had about 1 hour to myself but looking at Oskar’s squishy little cheeks as he peers over the top of his crib I’d probably be ok never baking again as long as I have him.  Chocolate Butterfinger Cookies

Yes, I can’t believe that he’s already pulling himself up! He’ll wake up in the middle of the night just to practice. He definitely does not take after his mom though! I’ve tried giving some baby snacks the last few days and he’s not ready yet. He makes a yucky face. 

If he ate anything than he would love these cookies :-p They’re easy to make and delicious. I used the new Butterfinger baking pieces in place of the chocolate chips called for in the recipe. The cookies have that great chewy texture that I love. I sprinkled a few extra pieces on the top of the dough to get that photogenic look.  I used the recipe from Joy the Baker

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