Oreo Cake Pops

Oreo Cake Pops
I’ve been on a cake pop kick lately. My sister sent me some Oreo cake icing and I knew I couldn’t make cupcakes after my recent tirade. Cake pops are a great way to use up the bits and pieces of cake paraphernalia I’ve accumulated.

Oreo Cake Pops
I used a yellow cake mix, mixed with the Oreo icing, dipped in white and milk chocolate (that Dr. Oetker sent me) and sprinkled with finely crushed Oreo cookies.
Oreo Cake Pops
I made the cake balls froze them overnight and then dipped them when I got home from work. These are tasty and quick for weeknight baking.
Oreo Cake Pops
Oreo Cake Pops
by me!
1 box cake mix
1-2 packages Oreo icing (if you don’t live in the US or have little sisters that send you stuff you can make your own Oreo icing by folding some crushed cookies into vanilla icing)
milk and/or white chocolate for dipping
1 roll Oreo cookies
Lolly sticks
Oreo Cake Pops
This made one 8 inch cake round (a typical cake mix makes 2). I got this at the $1 store!

1. Make the cookie crumbs by throwing in a good handful of Oreo’s in a food processor and grind until fine.

Oreo Cake Pops

2. Make the cake according to the package (or make one from scratch). Set aside (or in the fridge) to cool.

Oreo Cake Pops
3. Once the cake is cool crumble it finely with a fork. Squeeze half of the frosting into the cake and stir until it starts to combine. Add more frosting as needed (I used the whole tube). If you used a regular cake mix you might need 2 pouches.
Oreo Cake Pops
4. Using an ice cream scoop make a round shape using 2 scoops of cake for each one. Line on a baking sheet and freeze for 20 minutes. After the 20 minutes stick the lolly stick in each and freeze over night (use a dab of melted chocolate on the end when you stick them in).
Oreo Cake Pops
5. Once the pops are firm, melt the chocolate in a microwave safe bowl on 30 second intervals. Dip each pop in and shake off the excess. Sprinkle with the cookie crumbs straight away as it will set quickly! Store in an airtight container.
Oreo Cake Pops

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  1. egbkid

    Yummy, we don't have Oreo icing around here, or at least not that i have seen. It sounds delicious, though, i will have to have the next person who goes to the US bring some back for me!!

  2. DJ Twisted Sister


  3. I cannot wait to try to make these!!!

  4. these look fantastic. I browsed through the other recipes you've posted and I'm sooo tempted to make some. Better yet, just buy some eat them STRAIGHT AWAY! =D Hello, I'm a Malaysian Cupcake in Kent who makes frequent visits to London. 😉

    P.S: congrats on making blog of note!!! =D


  5. personally I love BUTTERCUP CUPCAKES. They're ridiculously tasty!


  6. Adrienne

    This is definitely the last thing I need to see while getting ready to write a fitness post *drools* lol.

  7. Duncan D. Horne

    Looks delightful! I'm from England but have been living in Malaysia for the past 5 years.

    Congrats on the blog of note!

    Duncan In Kuantan

  8. Omg i think i just drooled on my keyboard…

  9. xml blogger templates

    wow! blogs of note … congratulations that is my dream

  10. The Car Buying King

    That looks GREAT!! Congrats on the Blog of Note!!

  11. Catherine

    These look fantastic! I have never had a cake pop or even heard of them before … http://www.frenchtoastandwine.com

  12. bensonho.com


  13. dylluvzjc

    it looks so delicious, yummy! I want to eat it, lol!

  14. TexaGermaNadian

    I have never made these, but of course see them all over bloggyland. They look great! Congrats on the BON! That is awesome. I had to come check you out. I am an Expat (American in Germany) and I love reading other expat blogs. Have a great one!

  15. AlRodionova


  16. Congrats blogger of note! We are so proud of you!!!

  17. Снеговик

    Nice :)

  18. I'm almost afraid to try making these because…what if I get addicted and gain three hundred pounds?

    Great photos. And I'm going to look for Oreo frosting at the market this week, you know, just on general principle.

  19. Mountain Witch

    I am trying these out TODAY!!! Love your blog and am now following!

  20. ProblemSolver

    These look really good i love them.

  21. ProblemSolver

    Omg. Quit posting yummy stuff I'm going to EAT MY COMPUTER!!! LOL!

  22. Cupcake Kelly

    thanks everyone for the nice comments! i really appreciate them. I think someone over at google must have a sweet tooth!

    if anyone makes these do send a photo and i will post it on my facebook page (or try and post it yourself not sure what the settings are on…) x

  23. Everything looks great. I have come like eating Mmmmmm.
    I leave you this link, it is my blog, to visit me and tell me that this:

  24. Reflect and Fancy - Fashion Blog

    too delicious :)

  25. Olavo Marques

    Good blog! Is fantastic! I´m following you!

    Please, follow my blog:



  26. Edward Nash

    Hi! Well I must say that I don't have any idea of cooking; but everything that you make looks so good. I'm from Ecuador (in South America) and I'm pretty sure that we don't have many of those things but anyway I will Try.

    Great blog by the way

  27. Grazia

    Hello.I am a new follower from Italy.Visite my blog,about London, about "Oreo-Chelsea Market" and "Magnolia Bakery" in New York.I love cup cakes!By from Tuscany's beach and sea…

  28. per-diems.com

    God those look delish, I bet it taste like heaven 😀

  29. Carolyn Lackey

    Congrats from Lubbock, Texas, on being a Blog of Note! I LOVE cupcakes! I LOVE your blog!

  30. Shanah

    Omg, that looks so good!

  31. KiaraB

    Oooooh! That looks yummy. I'll have to try that sometime! Totally following you! (just to fill in my sweet tooth) Mmmmm….

  32. James North

    Your recipe so delicious and i try to make these.

    Thanks for sharing

  33. faith f.

    I darted myself when I clicked your blog. "My goodness gracious!" Desserts..chocolate everywhere! YUM! I really would like try these 😉

    Chocolate Fan,
    Faith F.

  34. Cake pops? Well, why not! There's no bad way to eat cake.

  35. congrats – found you via blogs of note.

    I love making cake pops too (they have gotten so popular here in the States) I like the idea of the crushed oreos on top will have to try it!

  36. I have never seen Oreo icing. I have to go look for this. How yummy these sound!!!

  37. Carinne

    Super cute idea! I love making cake balls but it never dawned on me to add a stick to make it like a lolly pop. I cant wait to try it! Thank you!!

  38. Sarah Derrig

    I just found your blog as it was listed on blogs of note today! I'm a cupcake addict and love your blog!

  39. Private Illumination

    Fantastic! Can I have a box or two? ;D


  40. OperaFan921

    I am totally making these :)

  41. Before today I had never seen a cake pop. I go to starbucks and whatdya know! Cake pops! They were delish(: can't wait to make some.

  42. Laurel

    Wow! Cannot wait to make these! They look gorgeous!


  43. The American Suburbanite in Rural England

    They look fab, must add oreo icing to my list of things i bring back from the states!

  44. Travel Agents Perth

    DELI!….Can't wait to try this one.I'm sure my kids will adore this one…

  45. Gabriel "Brad Shaw" Monroe

    Yum! these look amazing! Care to share some? =]

    -The guys over at http://dailygame-review.blogspot.com/

  46. Thanks for sharing the recipe, My daughter just bought one at Starbucks and was hooked. Cannot wait to try this.

  47. eating clean to thrive and survive...

    What kind of icing do you dip the cake balls into at the end?

  48. Cupcake Kelly

    @eating – the cake balls are dipped in melted chocolate. You can buy baking chocoalte at the grocery store or candy melts at hobby stores (like Michael's). Put them in the microwave for 30 seconds, take out and stir, put back in for 30 seconds until they are melted. Once the cake balls and sticks are firm dip them in and place them upright to dry.

  49. Amberleena

    Those look amazing !!!!!! It's such a creative idea and I think would be great at parties :) I know I did a mini cupcake theme for one of my parties awhile ago when the cupcake craze just began, my fav for the pina cola cupcake. I can't eat that kind of stuff anymore or at least right now, but I would LOVE to make it one day for a party :) and again congrats on the blog to note section… That's how I found your blog btw :)

  50. Christine

    This is a great party idea! They look amazing! Thanks for the idea, and now thanks to you my party is going to rock :]

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