{Book Review} Back in the day Bakery: Made with Love


I don’t own the first Back in the Day cook book by the Day’s but after reading and baking from their latest offering, Back in the Day: Made with Love, I wish I had made the investment. The new offering goes beyond desserts and includes breakfast pastries, breads, pizzas, and condiments.

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{Book Review} Pear Shaped



A few months ago I chose Leftovers by British author Stella Newman as the choice for book club. I was really excited to read another one her novels. I hope to get book club back soon. I want to wait and see how I cope with the baby first!

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I’ve got a short and sweet book review today. Love, Lies and Lemon Cake is a fun British romance novel. The characters are a little different than the other foodie romance novels that I’ve read recently. The main character, Faye, is a middle aged woman who leads a very boring life and is married to a man with pretty much zero passion.

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Big Sky Pie Book Review

big sky pie

I’ve got two books today that bring us back to Montana and the Big Sky Pie Shop. I already reviewed the second novel in the series earlier in the year. Today, I have books one and four in the series. I missed out on number three it seems!

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I had reservations about another cookbook dedicated completely to brownies. I love my Fat Witch cookbook but of course being a baker that does not discriminate I just had to give a few recipes from Extreme Brownies a whirl!

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{Book Review} The Messy Baker


Never trust someone with a clean kitchen. Baking is an imperfect messy art. The Messy Baker is all about fun delicious baking without the fussy frills.

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