{Book Review} Leon Family & Friends


I’m a pretty good cook but I’m not the most imaginative chef when it comes to savory dishes. I’m excellent at following recipes but very rarely make up my own dinner recipes from scratch. That’s why about 99% of the recipes on this blog are sweet.

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I love the idea of decorated cake pops. They’re fun, cute and tasty. Bakerella has come out with a new cake pop book with a holiday theme. I really really tried my best with Cake Pops Christmas (the UK title for the book). I thought I picked the easiest design in the book. I tried to make peppermint swirls and if you squint your eyes mine kinda look like that.

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{Book Review} Waffles


I love breakfast. I’m one of those annoying people who actually eat breakfast to kick start my day. I get up at about 6 or 7 before work and shovel some cereal or oatmeal into my mouth before getting dressed. On the weekend I like to make something special. I’m a new convert to the almighty waffle. The combinations are endless!

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{Book Review} Have You Eaten?

Have You Eaten? is the first book for former Masterchef Australia contestant Billy Law. Bill,originally, from Malaysia where the phrase ‘have you eaten?’ pretty much is said before ‘how are you?’. Before appearing on Masterchef Billy was a food blogger.

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{Book Review} Memoir of the Sunday Brunch

Ever thought your family were weird, embarrassing or over the top? Well, if you have then here’s comfort that there are families way more crazy than yours! Memoir of a Sunday Brunch is the memoir of Julia Pandl, the youngest of eleven children in her family who at the age of 12 is initiated in the weekly brunch of her family’s restaurant in Milwaukee.

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Pure Vanilla is the second book by Shauna Sever. I reviewed her first book Marshmallow Madness earlier this year. I am a total vanilla freak. Vanilla is pretty much the foundation of every baked good. What’s not to love about it? I even once got a comment that one of my recipes was too vanilla-ey 😛 I love vanilla but I always viewed it as more of a component or one part of a recipe.

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