Valentine’s Sugar Heart Cake

Valentine's Sugar Heart Cake

This cake is SO pink. I’m one of the girliest girls out there and this cake is *almost* too much even for me. I made the pink sugar hearts first and they’re really pink and very pretty. I thought I’d go all out and frost the cake pink too.

Valentine's Sugar Heart Cake

I made a small three layer chocolate cake using one of Ina’s recipes. This probably wasn’t the best choice as it’s a very soft cake. I froze the layers and frosted it as quickly as possible to prevent it from tearing. I made a simple vanilla buttercream (1 stick butter, 3 cups powdered sugar, milk and vanilla).

After I frosted the cake I sprayed it very lightly with a pink Wilton Color Mist. Making the sugar hearts was a huge mess! I followed the instructions and it took me a while to get the feel of how much egg white was needed but I found it best to use my finger tips and a silpat mat. I didn’t bother with the parchment paper and I used my rolling pin to gently beat the sugar into a tight square instead of rolling it over the sugar. It’s a great low cost decoration and they were hard enough to use in about 2 hours.

Valentine's Sugar Heart Cake

The sugar hearts are decorative. I didn’t actually eat them when I cut myself a slice. I did put a cube in the cup of tea I was having on the side though! I made about 40 sugar hearts and the ones I didn’t use on the cake I gave away as gifts. They would be a great baby or wedding shower favors. The smaller the heart shaped cutter the better.  My cutter is pretty small but the hearts still looked a little too big for the cake.

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  1. Wow – I love the bold colours!! Cake looks lovely – you can never go wrong with Ina – I’m a big fan!

  2. This looks perfect for Valentine’s Day! Am intrigued by the sugar decorations, but how you had the patience to make so many amazes me. I think I’d have given up! :)

  3. This cake is gorgeous! Love all the pink! 😀

  4. This cake looks fantastic and the sugar hearts are a great idea! Thanks


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