True Blood Cake

True Blood Cake

The last few weeks I have become obsessed with the Sookie Stackhouse novels by Charlaine Harris. I quickly read the first five books in the series and then immediately started watching the HBO series.

True Blood Cake

I became obsessed with Eric Northman with the show, staying up all night watching too many episodes. Towards the end I started having weird vampire and werewolf dreams! I’m on a break from the books until the crazy dreams subside. Until the new season starts this summer I made a True Blood cake to tide me over.

Tru Blood

I made my red velvet cake (since it’s set in the south) baked into three small layers with a basic vanilla buttercream. I made the “blood” from a mixture of corn syrup and red gel color. Once I poured it over top I put the cake in the refrigerator to keep it from dripping totally off.

Obviously vampires can’t eat cake! I made some mock Tru Blood out of milk, cocoa powder and red gel color. The dripping glass is dipped in the same corn syrup mixture as the cake.

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  1. Oh wowwww!! I totally became obsessed with Eric, uh, I mean the show too!!!
    Sooo awesome!!

  2. ooooh my good this could be me! I’m obsessed with vampire stories and read/watch them all. However I didn’t start True Blood yet. Didn’t know there where books too so I might get those first. Thank you for the hint.
    And the cake looks great. However I never had a good red velvet cake so far…

  3. Oh my God!!! This is an awesome idea for Halloween. It looks great.

  4. This looks AMAZING. What a fab idea. X