Peach Ombre Cake

Peach Ombre Cake

I think this is the smallest cake that I’ve made to date. I love itty bitty layer cakes. Besides being super cute they take less ingredients to make and I can still practice my icing skills. I’ve wanted to make an ombre cake since I first saw them popping up on pintrest.

Peach Ombre Cake

Since I wanted to concentrate on practicing with the icing I used a Jiffy cake mix that was getting close to it’s expiry date. A Jiffy mix only makes one eight inch cake round. I used three teeny tiny cake rounds (I think they’re 6 inch pans) to make three super small layers. I had initially thought to make a pink ombre cake since Valentine’s Day is coming up but when I added the pink gel to the cake mix it turned peach since it had a yellowish tint. I thought it looked so pretty I decided to switch the theme of the cake from pink to peach.

Peach Ombre Cake

Once the cake batter was made I added a very small amount of Wilton Rose color gel. I filled the first pan. I added a little bit more gel (I’m talking toothpick dripped in the jar and then dipped in the batter). Filled the second pan. Then a little bit more for the darkest layer. The secret is to add only very small amounts of gel at a time. You can’t take it back once it’s added.

I made a fresh vanilla buttercream frosting using half of this recipe (and still had some left over). To tint the white icing peach I added a few drops of Americolor orange and Wilton Rose on a tea saucer. I dipped a tooth pick in that and then into the frosting. I used the same technique to make the three different colors that I used for the cake batter.

To ice I filled the layers with the darkest color. Once they were stacked I very carefully started at the top with the lightest color and made a ring with the icing spreading it as smooth as possible (but not perfect). I followed with the second and third rings only very slightly overlapping. I put it in the fridge for about 10 minutes and then with a clean palate knife smoothed all the way around which then makes the colors melt together.

The three different colors looked really stunning in person. The photo doesn’t do the top two shades justice. Next time I make an ombre cake I would do a very thin white crumb coat first. On some parts the cake layers could be seen through the frosting. I cut a slice of the cake for the photo but couldn’t bring myself to eat it yet. It’s too pretty!

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  1. This is beautiful! One day I might be brave enough to try one…

  2. I love little cake and this one is sooo pretty! :)