Green Tea and Lemon Swirl Loaf

Green Tea and Lemon Loaf

My light lemon and tea scented loaf cake turned out to be a big hit with my husband. He’s a meat and potatoes kind of guy so I was a little surprised, but then again he’ll eat nearly anything I put in front of him. I’m pretty lucky that he’s adventurous to try new ingredients and flavors. This is a great after Thanksgiving loaf. If you’re feeling overloaded with turkey leftovers the gentle and delicate flavors of this loaf are perfect.

Green Tea and Lemon Loaf

I made this as my inspired dessert after reading The Joy Luck Club. I couldn’t stop thinking about green tea while reading. I always wanted to try making a green tea dessert made with matcha powder but it’s very expensive (it can run about $20 in Whole Foods)! When I was down in NYC the other weekend I stopped in a Japanese grocery store and found a little tin for $7. You can taste the tea in loaf but it’s not over powering. The lemon is a great compliment.

The characters eat a lot of dumplings and pork but the book is all about a group of women who emigrated from China to San Francisco in the 1940’s and the story of their daughters who are first generation Chinese Americans.¬†Green tea isn’t specifically mentioned in the book but green tea was drunk in China over 4,000 years ago. I’m a huge tea lover so I couldn’t not make something with matcha.

The most cups of tea I’ve managed to drink in one day, while at my desk working, was six. I tried this experiment many times while Lehman Brothers when in Administration and we all had a lot of spare times on our hands. Anymore than six cups I feel flooded.

I had this for breakfast a few times while at my desk at work too. You can find the recipe at Joy The Baker. I didn’t change anything.

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