Fourth of July Cake Pops

4th of Juy Cake Pops

I really wanted to make something for Fourth of July but I was running out of time so I made some really quick cake pops using a cake mix.

4th of Juy Cake Pops

My kitchen was really hot and the pops were starting to melt a little bit so I don’t have a nice picture of them all together.

4th of Juy Cake Pops

They looked great before they started to fall apart! I used red, white and blue candy melts and sprinkled some of them with the sprinkles that came with the cake mix.

4th of Juy Cake Pops

I like to keep my cake pops simple…that and I’m not very good at decorating. Glad I went with a cake mix this time since they melted!

4th of Juy Cake Pops 

The inside was a red, white and blue funetti. To see some step by step instructions on how to make cake pops see my Oreo Cake Pops. I made a layer cake last year for Fourth of July.
Have a nice holiday everyone! I had a little mini celebration today since I have to go to work tomorrow.

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  1. KitchenTherapy

    happy 4th of July :D. xx

  2. Pigscuit

    easy, simple and original. Love them!

  3. mini projects

    Delicious to see, simple and nice, like this…

  4. Cakepoper

    Hey, i was just wondering how you made the chocolate navy blue?

    • hi, it’s actually a bag of candy melts and they come in a variety of colors. i bought them in the shade of navy blue at a craft store in the US.