Peanut Butter Butterfinger Brownies

Butterfinger Brownie

I made two batches of brownies while I was on vacation. I’ve never baked anything special for my parents or any my relatives before. It was time to finally put my money where my mouth is!

Of course, I couldn’t pick an easy recipe to make for everyone. I had to pick something fancy. My favorite brownie recipe, which, happens to be measured all in grams. Great! I’m finally in America where I can use sticks of butter and I decide to be complicated. It was very strange trying to the conversions I do all the time at home in the UK all backwards.

My dad was being my sous chef for the afternoon and we used a slightly bigger pan and also upped the recipe proportions by 25%. I baked the recipe for the same amount of time as I did the first batch (23 minutes) but with more batter it was a little more gooey and so incredibly rich. I suggest cutting these brownies into one or two bite small squares. It was impossible to finish a normal sized square without feeling sick.

I added an entire bag of Reese’s Peanut Butter chips to the batter instead of the nuts or chips called for in the original and on the top we basically crush up a few fun sized Butterfinger bars and sprinkled it on top of the batter before it was baked. After it came out of the oven the topping was crispy and perfectly fused on top!

God bless America.

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