Tomato & Bacon Bread

Bacon & Tomato Bread

When we moved back to the US we suffered sticker shock on a few items at the grocery store! English muffins could sell for $4 full price, compared to 80p for a pack of Tesco brand English muffins. Where we live the grocery stores aren’t really in close proximity to each other either and our local Walmart doesn’t stock much food.

Bacon & Tomato Bread


The bread we’ve been buying here and even the Tesco bread wasn’t anything special. Basic white or wholemeal loafs or English muffins. I’ve made my own bread from scratch before. It’s time consuming but was delicious! I’ve only had moderate success with yeast.

My sister got a bread maker for Christmas and brought us a few loafs when she came to visit. After our last visit to New Hampshire I was sold and if she had one I had to have one too 🙂

I settled on a Cuisinart model and after a few test runs of basic white loafs I wanted to try some more exciting flavored loafs. After finishing Union Street Bakery I knew I had to make a loaf of a bread as my inspired bake. I know using a bread machine is cheating but it’s the only way our house will have fresh bread.

I made a Bacon & Tomato loaf from The Better Homes and Gardens cookbook. It’s so fragrant and you can really taste the tomatoes and basil. It was heavenly with an egg and a slice of bacon for breakfast.

When using a bread maker follow the directions for your make a model. Below is the quantity for my Cuisinart model.

Tomato & Bacon Bread

Yield: 1 loaf


1 cup water, between 75 and 90 degrees F

1/4 cup sun dried tomatoes, cut into chunks

1 tbs olive oil

1/4 cup cooked bacon pieces

3 cups bread flour

1 tbs sugar

3/4 tsp dried basil

1 tsp bread machine yeast


  1. Place the ingredients in the order listed in the bread machine basket and make a well in the center for the yeast.
  2. Select white loaf, 1 1/2 pounds and medium crust.

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