Summer Foodie Romance Reads

Tea Shop

My favorite pastime for summer vacation is reading as many romance novels as possible while on a sun lounger. I’m sadly not going on a beach vacation this summer but next week I will be spending a week with my parents in Tennessee.

If you’re going on vacation this summer I have three light entertaining reads you might enjoy.

The Tea Shop on Lavender Lane: Bailey Sterling moves back home to Icicle Falls in a disgrace after a fake food poisoning incident in LA. This is a great story about three sisters and Bailey’s attempt to rebuild her life and start a new tea shop. What I didn’t like about this book was one of the sister’s was obsessed with finding a husband. It’s just so unappealing.


The Beekeeper’s Ball: I liked this book the most of the three. It’s a chick lit novel with a little bit of historical fiction thrown in. Isabel lives in a small Sonoma town in the midst of opening her own cooking school and bee farm. A man shows up to write her grandfather’s autobiography and the story flashes back to when he was living in Denmark during World War 2.


The Glass Kitchen: Another novel about three sisters. Portia Cuthcart has a special ability. Her grandma called it “the knowing”. She gets visions of meals to prepare. The meals always end up holding a special significance. Portia moves from Texas to Manhattan after an embarrassing divorce from her husband. The premise of this book is a little silly but it has a good mix of characters.

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