Scandinavian Baking

The last few years when  Scandinavian and food is mentioned people think of Noma, the uber trendy and and expensive restaurant in Copenhagen. Or you know, Swedish meatballs associated with a furniture chain.

I have to admit myself that I also know very little about Scandinavian cuisine. I’m dying to go to Sweden after reading ‘The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo’ series. Since I’m stuck in London the next best thing to being in Scandinavia is paying a visit to The Nordic Bakery.

Almond Breakfast Pastries

I enjoy visiting the cafe on Saturday mornings so much that while sitting there with my coffee and gravlax I decided to buy both The Nordic Bakery Cookbook and Scandilicious Baking. It’s pretty dangerous having an amazon app on my phone!

I’ve been very pleased with both books. I made three recipes and they were all amazing.  I’ve been learning how to use yeast and I see more bread loaves in my future. I also enjoyed learning about a totally new way of baking and culture.

Lemon Nutmeg Madelines

The Nordic Bakery Book covers breads with recipes for rye bread and open face sandwiches. Savory pastries and cakes. The cakes all have great names, like Tiger Cake and Tosca Cake. Pastries and buns, I made almond breakfast pastries from this chapter. The book is rounded off with a Tarts and Biscuit chapter. Misa, the owner of The Nordic Bakery is from Finland.

Blueberry Upside Down Cake

Scandilicious Baking, I have to mention first, has the cutest layout with reindeer gracing the inside cover. The book covers Breads, Rolls and Flatbreads with recipes for Vanilla Bread and Maple Ice Fruity Advent Bread. The Savory chapter has recipes for meatball buns (drooling right now) and Cheese and Onion Cheesecake. I made the Blueberry Upside Down Cake from the cake chapter. The book ends with chapters on Puddings and Biscuits. I made madelines from this chapter. Signe, the book’s author grew up in Norway.

What kind of baking have you recently discovered?

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