Peyton & Byrne Book Launch

A few nights ago I was lucky enough to be at the book launch for Peyton & Byrne British Baking. I haven’t been to a book party before so I was pretty excited! It combined a lot of awesome things: baking books, champagne and eating! No great food event is complete until I’ve eaten so much that I feel just a little bit sick by the time I leave.

Peyton & Byrne Book Launch

It was in the beautiful Daunt bookstore in Marylebone. I’m so glad that I went. I usually go to baking/cake events on my own and while it’s hard since I’m a little shy I do end up meeting and chatting to people that I wouldn’t if I’d gone with a group of friends. I met some really great people this time. It’s nice to spend time with people that aren’t accountants!

I met Nick and Alexis from Food Network UK. Fascinating talking to them about what shows are popular in the UK vs the US. I went out for a drink afterward with a few other women that I met while there. They were so nice and all had such fascinating jobs.

Peyton & Byrne Book Launch
Mural of bunnies in the children’s section.
Peyton & Byrne Book Launch
Centerpiece of cakes!
Peyton & Byrne Book Launch
I can honestly say that Oliver was so nice and generous. The book is really great. Lots of really stunning pictures, the recipes have good instructions and are all British. It’s definitely the kind of book that you’ll keep forever. Really looking forward to baking from here as I’m trying to expand my baking knowledge.
He served up some canape sized portions of desserts, some of which are in the book!

Peyton & Byrne Book Launch
Millionaire Shortbread. So good and so rich!
Peyton & Byrne Book Launch
Chocolate profiteroles.
Peyton & Byrne Book Launch
My favorite of the evening, little Banoffee Tarts
Peyton & Byrne Book Launch
Custard and Fruit Tart
Peyton & Byrne Book Launch
My second favorite, Choux Pastry.
Enormous thanks to Oliver for letting me come. I bought the book that evening and made the chocolate cupcakes tonight so check back in a few days for those!

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  1. Sarah, Maison Cupcake

    I was supposed to go to this and had to cancel at last minute, I'm sooooo disappointed now, it would have been lovely to meet you and those cakes look wonderful.

  2. Cupcake Kelly

    Shame! hopefully we will run into each other at something soon!

  3. carmar76

    i'm really enjoying your blog! and what neat opportunities you have! : )


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