{Book Review} Trouble’s on the Menu

tippy canoe

We all know that I love foodie themed novels. I love them even more when they have recipes to go along with the stories. As soon as I finished reading Trouble’s on the Menu I made the popovers frequently mentioned and they were melt in your mouth delicious.


The book is a fish out of water story. Hallie Stone goes from Malibu to Tippy Canoe, Montana to clear up her estranged husband’s estate after his sudden passing. I really enjoyed the story line and while you would think a fish out of water story would be predictable I found it enjoyable and there were enough twists to keep me captivated.

All of the characters were interesting and absolutely quirky and original. My favorite were the twins, Lehman and Lyman who speak only in rhyme. The town of Tippy Canoe sure does like to eat! There were some pretty interesting combinations mentioned. The Frost Shop in town serves Huckleberry, Buffaloberry and Raspberry Fudge  Thickshakes.

a received a copy of the book to review

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