{Book Review} The Coincidence of Coconut Cake


It felt so good to finally sit down and read a book again! This is probably the first book I read in almost a year. When I was pregnant I was way too tired and nauseous to continue with the book club.

I’m glad that I started reading again with The Coincidence of Coconut Cake. It was the perfect escape. I read about 60% of it on my first baby free weekend and finished it off while I was waiting for surgery. It definitely helped keep my mind off what was to come.

The Coincidence of Coconut Cake takes place in Milwaukee where Lou has just opened her first restaurant Luella’s, named after her grandmother, cooking classic French dishes. Everything goes wrong when Lou catches her fiancee with an intern.

On top of her life in turmoil her restaurant gets a scathing review from the new food critic. Lou unknowingly crosses paths with the critic and the two become friends with the understanding that they won’t discuss work.

There is a delicious sounding coconut cake that is very important to the story (hence the title). The recipe is at the end of the book. My favorite kind of food novel has recipes!

This is a great, quick, fun read. There aren’t many plot twists but the detailed descriptions of food are so good it kept my mouth watering. It also kept the story moving along. I did enjoy the characters. They were varied and interesting. If you live in the Wisconsin area (or love cheese) this is definitely a read for you!

I received a copy to review


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