{Book Review} The Artisan Marshmallow


Yes, another marshmallow book has been blessed upon us. The Artisan Marshmallow comes to us all the way from Australia. The marshmallow may have already been done but this book brings us a slightly different perspective on the marshmall0w than the two American books out there.

Citrus Swirl Marshmallows

The main difference in this book to the other two marshmallow books I own is the marshmallows are made with egg whites instead of corn syrup. I prefer the taste of the ones made with egg whites to those made with corn syrup, but I personally think that the marshmallows made with corn syrup were a little more sturdy and easier to prepare.

Peppermint Swirl Marshmallows

My only complain about the book would be that it’s very brief. There’s no author introduction, index or blurbs about any of the recipes. However, the book itself is very cute and colorful. I made two recipes, Peppermint Swirl and Citrus Swirl, and they both tasted good. If you don’t like baking with corn syrup than this may be the book for you but I still find myself very partial to Marshmallow Madness.

The book has seven chapters, Easy, fruity, swirly, cutesy, boozy, hipstery and variety. As you can see I’m partial to the swirly marshmallows.

I received a copy of the book to review

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