{Book Review} Table for Seven


Table for Seven follows a middle aged couple who throw a monthly dinner party with a select group of foodie friends. The book starts on New Years Eve and follows the couples through the year in one month intervals.

Will and Fran have become a little too comfortable in their marriage which makes for a few uncomfortable dinner parties. Audrey is recovering from the death of her husband and Jamie and Mark are dealing with the strains of a modern family. Fran’s elderly neighbor and his love of all things bacon provides the comic relief.

The book kept me interested the whole way through and I love that each chapter is preceded with a dinner party menu. It’s disappointing that there are no recipes in the book though since the whole story is built around food.

While I love Chick Lit I think that I’m not really the target audience for this book. All the characters are middle aged and dealing with very adult problems. It wasn’t as exciting or riveting as some of the books I’ve read lately.

I received a copy to review from the publisher

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