Book Review – Sweetie

Sweetie is an adorable collection of 50 recipes from The Hardie Grant Test Kitchen. Instead of photographs each recipe in the book is accompanied by an illustration from Daniella Germain.

I like this book because it keeps it simple and straight forward. There are no chapters, no introduction and no narrative along with the recipes. I think a lot of people tend to skip these parts of recipe books anyway. When I get a book in the mail I get so excited and start flicking straight through the recipes.

Each recipe is listed with imperial, metric and American cups which should please everyone.

Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Sandwich

The book has is filled with recipes for ice cream sandwiches, macarons, popsicles and other goodies. I had a really hard time choosing which recipes to make first. I tried making some macarons first but I over beat my egg whites and they were sent to macaron heaven. In the end I settled on Appletini Jello Shots and Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Sandwiches.

Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Sandwich

I feel dumb for never making my own ice cream sandwiches before now. The ice cream selection in the UK isn’t very large and I hardly ever walk by the freezer case in the store because it makes me sad. Instead of whining I can mix and match and make my own ice cream creations. I’m thinking about branching out and making my own ice cream now!

Appletini Jello Shots

The Appletini Jello Shots are a perfect party dessert. Fun, fruity and for adults only! I don’t keep much alcohol in the house but I had the required booze lurking around in the back of my cereal cupboard. I used some vanilla Smirnoff vodka that I brought all the way back from Arizona.

Sweetie is one sweet baking book! I really liked the illustrations and I think that it’s cute nature and small size make it a perfect gift for someone. Stay tuned tomorrow I have a copy to giveaway.

Thanks to Hardie Grant for my review copy

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  1. These look wonderful – I have a real penchant for green stuff! Will look out for this book, it looks pretty with those illustrations.


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