{Book Review} Push up Pops

When I first started blogging I never imagined that cake could take on so many different forms. Cake pops, miniatures, dessert tables, cakes in jars and the list could go on forever! Push Up Pops are cake, frosting and other flavors layered in plastic see through push up containers. Push Up Pops is the first book entirely dedicated to this new treat written by Courtney who blogs over at Pizzazzerie.

Brownie Sundae Push Pops

The book has five chapters starting with Tips and Techniques. This chapter covers the supplies you’ll need and tips for layering and displaying. In the UK I bough push up containers from Buy n’ Bake and they’re dishwasher safe. The pops may look easy but trust me they are not easy to layer. I definitely need more practice.

Mini Cinnamon Roll Push Pops

The Cake Push Pop chapter has ideas for strawberry short cake pops and gingerbread jingle. The second chapter Pie Push Up Pops is certainly going to get a work out this holiday season. I’ve got my eye on a few fruity and minty creations in this chapter. I think the Frozen Push Up Pop chapter was really creative. Very cute for a party, frozen drinks with adorable names like Watermelon Surprise are poured into the  containers. I made the Cinnamon Roll Push Pops and the Brownie Sundae Push Pops from the Cookies, Candy and More chapter. They were both delicious!

I made two recipes from the book and they both tasted great. The book has also given me ideas for my own combinations of push pops. I would say the only downside is that most of the recipes in the book call for using a cake mix or store bought items. There’s nothing wrong with using a cake mix at all (considering the layering takes some effort) but the whole point of a cookbook is that it has recipes. This book is more of an inspiration book to get your creative juices flowing than a book of recipes.

Thanks to Gibbs Smith for my copy

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