{Book Review} Pure Vanilla

Pure Vanilla is the second book by Shauna Sever. I reviewed her first book Marshmallow Madness earlier this year. I am a total vanilla freak. Vanilla is pretty much the foundation of every baked good. What’s not to love about it? I even once got a comment that one of my recipes was too vanilla-ey 😛 I love vanilla but I always viewed it as more of a component or one part of a recipe.

Vanilla Granola

I never knew much about vanilla except it’s expensive and comes in a bottle from the supermarket. The book covers the history of vanilla, different kinds of varieties and the regions it’s grown in. I never realized that there was so much to know! As soon as I read the introduction I went online and bought a few different kinds of beans to experiment with.

Vanilla Fruit

Besides the very thorough introduction chapter the book has chapters covering breakfast, cake and pies, cookies and bars, candies, custards and drinks. I made three recipes from the book. The Vanilla Granola was the most amazing thing I’ve ever eaten for breakfast! The Twinkie Bundt Cake was fun and delicious. I also made the vanilla fruit from the breakfast chapter but we weren’t crazy about the way it tasted.

Twinkie Bundt Cake

I enjoyed this book and the thought that vanilla can be the star of the show rather than just a component has opened up a whole new string of creative ideas!

Quirk sent me a copy of Pure Vanilla to review

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