{Book Review} Puddin’


This started off as a post about Clio Goodman’s Puddin’, but the more I wrote, the more it ended up being a post about how awesome pudding is. I have to thank Clio for that. Before, I was only meh about pudding. Years of pudding cups in my lunch bag as a kid had burned me out on the stuff. Clio is a trained pastry chef that studied at the Culinary Institute of America. Working as a private chef she made pudding for a client and ended up later making him her business partner in her NYC Puddin’ bar.

Homemade Chocolate Pudding

I got a copy of the book just before I left London and I couldn’t wait till we got to Connecticut. I could stop by Puddin’ if we ever went to NYC (it’s about 50 miles from where we live) and that’s exactly what I did! The stars aligned and in one weekend three of my college BFF’s where all going to be in NYC at the same time. As soon as it was quitting time on Friday I hopped on the train to meet them. My friend has a wheat allergy so Puddin’ was a great late night snack choice (they’re open till 2am some nights; most bakeries I looked up shut around 7pm). There’s no wheat in the pudding base and they have vegan pudding too (not including toppings). I made two recipes from Puddin’, the chocolate and the vegan coconut, and I can testify that the recipes tasted exactly the same as what we bought.


Why is Puddin’ so awesome? They make everything, I mean everything, themselves. That includes the cake crumbles, sprinkles and graham crackers. Why is pudding so awesome? Cheap and easy to make at home with almost no special equipment needed (a pan, whisk and some plastic wrap). Also, William Shatner loves pudding. He tweets about it and there is even a You Tube video of him eating pudding for a full minute.


The book contains all of the tips you’ll need to make perfect pudding (no one likes runny or lumpy pudding). There is a chapter on classic flavors, such as vanilla, chocolate and butterscotch. A chapter on new favorites, with more intriguing flavors, like pumpkin, mint chip and cashew. There are chapters on homemade toppings, sauces and  pudding parfaits (I haven’t even gotten to this section yet. I’m still happy to eat my pudding “naked”). The last two chapters are all about using using pudding in cakes and there’s a whole chapter dedicated to pudding pops.

Vegan Coconut Pudding


Puddin’ is a great book for any level baker and there are enough easy recipes to get you started. Pudding is a great way to breathe new life into your baking and it’s definitely refreshing to see a different kind of bakery popping up.

I received a copy of Puddin’ to review (I went to Puddin’ on my own). 

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