Book Review: Peggy’s Favourite Cakes & Cookies

My First Fondant Cake

Cake decorating has never been my forte. I have a shaky hand and no artistic vision (sadly). I’m an accountant so I’m much better with numbers and figures!

I was pretty excited when Quadrille Publishing asked me to review Peggy’s new book Peggy’s Favourite Cakes & Cookies, which is a combination of her favorite cakes and decorations from Cake Chic, Pretty Party Cakes and Romantic CakesLook for this book to hit the shelves on June 5th.

My First Fondant Cake

I have never made a cake using fondant as a decoration before. I was never a fan of the taste from the few wedding cakes that I tasted, but their prettiness tempted me into teaching myself a few new skills using Peggy’s book.
My First Fondant Cake

It was nearly impossible to decide what recipe and decoration that I wanted to try out. When I do a book review I really like to make at least two or three different things from the book so I can really get a feel for the book and feel good about recommending, or not recommending, a book to my readers. The marble flowered cake I decided on took ALL day for me to make so I decided to go with just one cake (for now). The full recipe and directions will be posted in a few days.

The book is split into sections. Cookies, “Cup Cakes” (not Cupcakes), Miniature Cakes, Large Cakes and a basics chapter.

All the lovely photos of rather large cakes and piping flowers is definitely a little intimidating and overwhelming and I wasn’t quite sure where to start honestly. The basics chapter in the back of the book is very thorough and takes you through what supplies you need and how to make a variety of cake and cookie flavors. How to cover the cakes in marzipan is also included in this chapter. There are a lot of step by step photos which are helpful and there are some pretty flower and butterfly templates in the very back to help make decorations.

Each design is clearly laid out with a photo and a list of equipment and materials that are needed for the decoration. The directions are laid out in a nice order of where to start first and how many days it takes so it’s not too overwhelming.

If you’re interested in cake decorating and not a beginner this is a fabulous book. The photos and instructions are very good. As a cake decorating novice I felt a little out of my depth and the supplies required were not sitting around in my cupboard, but I was able to improvise with what I had.

All the cakes and cookies in this book take a lot of effort. Cakes need to be made, trimmed and layered. Sugar cookies need to be made in the right shape, royal icing needs to be made in the right colors and sugar blossom petals made. The good thing is that the designs range from simple to extraordinary. I chose a simple one to get me started and inspired and was able to adapt it to what I had at home.

I can see myself using this book to make decorated cakes a few times a year for a special occasions and using the few cake recipes in the back often as the marble cake I made tasted fantastic.

Thanks to Quadrille for my copy of Peggy’s Favourite Cakes & Cookies

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