{Book Review} Pear Shaped



A few months ago I chose Leftovers by British author Stella Newman as the choice for book club. I was really excited to read another one her novels. I hope to get book club back soon. I want to wait and see how I cope with the baby first!

Pear Shaped is a chick lit story about Sophie. She works as a cold pudding (dessert) developer for a supermarket chain. She has the most horrible boss. All he cares about is making the desserts as low cost and subsequently disgusting as possible (how frustrating for a foodie!).

Working in a job she kind of likes for a boss she hates Sophie is delighted when she meets James. However, she ignores everything that her brain tells her and pursues the relationship anyway. The dynamics of the relationship basically make Sophie act like a crazy person. It’s almost comical how crazy she gets. It almost sounds far fetched but from experience I know it can happen!

The book has an interesting mix of characters and a fun storyline. It is somewhat excruciating at times I’ll warn you.

I read this book over the course of a few evenings after work. If you love chick lit or Leftovers than you’ll also enjoy Pear Shaped.

I received a copy to review. This post contains affiliate links.

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