{Book Review} Out of the Frying Pan

frying pan

I like the premise of this series. A lot. Poppy Markham is a Texas health inspector and solves food related crimes. The book also has behind the scenes details of the restaurant and food industry. It’s a humerus series and also clean and tame (no naughty frosting chapters).

Out of the Frying Pan is the fourth book in series and takes place at a farm evening celebrating the naming of the new Friends of the Earth association. Disaster strikes when the new president and famous Austin chef Dana White is murdered. Poppy uses her chef and food inspection skills to help solve the crime.

I haven’t read the other books in the series. It wasn’t necessary to read them first in order to follow this story but I’m definitely going to read the others. I found all of the characters very likeable and the Markham family dynamics make for some good story lines.

About 50% of the book takes place on the evening of the murder and the rest is the two following days. I was impressed that the span of one day took up so much of the book without the story line dragging on. The time frame is only a few hours but there’s a lot of detail and evidence to find before the police show up.

The most entertaining aspect is Poppy trying to struggle her two boyfriends who aren’t supposed to know about each other. The tidbits about how Poppy inspects restaurants is pretty fascinating. It’s like a novel version of watching Kitchen Nightmares!

I received a copy to review

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