Book Review: On a Stick!

On a Stick! is my favorite book of the year so far by a mile. It’s full of fun and feel good recipes. Matt Armendariz pens the fabulous food blog Matt Bites, which I found through one of my other favorite blogs, What’s Gabby Cooking. He’s a former graphic designer and food art director.

As with any book that I buy or receive I start bookmarking which recipes I want to make. I know it’s a good book when I have a post it note on practically every page!
The theory behind the book is that every food tastes better on a stick and Matt has taken every sort of food ranging from street cart food, junk food, vegetarian and elegant hors d’oevures to name a few, and turned them into delightful party snacks and dishes on a stick.
The book takes you through different kinds of sticks, skewers and dips. The books is then split into two sections, savory and sweet. There is a good mix of simple and complex dishes, such as Grilled Fruit Skewers to Bo La Lot. There are also a lot of helpful tips and suggestions spread through the book and each recipe has a beautiful full color photograph.
Deep Fried Candy Bars
I’ve already made four recipes from the book! I started off with deep fried candy bars (check back later for the recipe). There is no real equivalent of a State Fair in the UK and I’ve never been to one so I was eager to try these out. I also did up some Oreos that reminded me of my honeymoon in Aruba.
On a Stick!
I made the Chinese Meatballs as a main meal for two. My husband has already asked me to make it again. I also made the Beef and Vegetable Kebabs but forgot to take a picture. The marinades and dipping sauces in this book are fantastic.
On a Stick!
A fresh version of sweet chili sauce
I couldn’t resist making the Lollipops and adding my own little twist (check back later for the recipe).
Watermelon Sparkle Pops
The only downside I found in the book is that there are a few ingredients that are not available in the UK. The ice cream sandwich includes a recipe for chocolate chip cookies but the cinnamon rolls and pound cake call for the prepared kind in a can or store bought variety, which are not available in the UK. It is easy, however to find recipes from scratch for both on line (thank god for Google).
I’ve already booked the classic American Corndog as my next recipe to make from the book!
I really enjoyed this book and look forward to cooking from it even more. On a Stick! is a great source for party food and will certainly lift the mood at any get together or dinner at home.
Thanks to Quirk for my copy. On a Stick! is now available on Amazon UK for £6.79

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