{Book Review} Ms. Cupcake

ms cupcake

Ms. Cupcake was the first dedicated vegan cupcakery in London. Melissa hails from Canada and saw the market gap and demand for vegan and other allergy free baked goods. A few years ago it was impossible to find a decadent North American baked good in the UK (vegan and non vegan).

Not only is Ms. Cupcake a very nice person she’s also a role model for woman entrepreneurs. She opened up her first shop in Brixton without any loans and has spent an enormous amount of time and effort into her business. Pay a visit to the shop and you’ll see how caring Ms. Cupcake and her staff are.

I first met Ms. Cupcake just about one month after she opened her market stall and even way back then I wrote a post raving about her cupcakes.

Vegan Peanut Butter Cupcakes

I made the chocolate peanut butter cupcakes recipe from the book for Alex and he really enjoyed it. The cupcake was nice and moist and the frosting was rich and creamy. The book has a vegan baking guide in the front to help get you started and the other chapters include cupcakes and muffins, icings and spreads, cakes and loaves, easy bakes, cookies and naughtiest of them all.

Since I try and dabble in dairy free baking now and again I’ve already bookmarked the lemon cheesecake cupcakes and deep fried cookie dough balls to try next.

I received a copy to review

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