{Book Review} Miracle Pie

pie cover

My book reviews have covered novels based on cake, chocolate, candy and cupcakes and this is the first novel that’s centered around pie. It has all the great components of a good foodie novel and some of my personal favorite things. A delicious storyline, a cute dog and a hunky love interest.

In Miracle Pie Katie Guthrie has pie magic. She lives in the small town of Miracle, Wisconsin and loves her life just the way it is. Gabe is restless and tired of making wedding videos in Chicago comes to town to film a short cooking show for one of Katie’s divorced friends. Katie’s pies bring back his passion!

Oreo Banana Pudding

There are no recipes in the book but after reading it I couldn’t stop thinking about pie. I’m terrible at making pie crust and my pie plate is packed away so I made a banana cream pie parfait instead. It was delicious.

I really liked the storyline in this novel and found the Katie and Gabe (the two main characters) to be extremely likeable. It’s easy to see how Edie (the author) has based a whole series of books around the town of Miracle. Miracle Pie is number 4 in the series and it’s not necessary to read the first three books.

It’s very cutesy with a fun theme but it’s still an R rated adult novel. Some of the dialogue was bordering on cheesy. One love scene compared their hunger to the hunger of a vampire for blood.

I received a copy to review

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