{Book Review} The Messy Baker


Never trust someone with a clean kitchen. Baking is an imperfect messy art. The Messy Baker is all about fun delicious baking without the fussy frills.

There is a lot of information on technique and ingredients in the beginning chapters but once the book progresses to the recipes the instructions are relatively short and there aren’t pictures for every recipe. The chapters all have cute titles sloppy, smudgy, drippy etc. There isn’t any information about the author either. Charmian is a bit of a mystery.

I like that there is an even mix of sweet and savory recipes. I only own a handful of books with savory recipes. There are sage tarts and samoas mixed in with the palmiers and brownies. There is an eclectic mix of recipes in the book. Cherry Chipolte Brownies, Olive Biscotti and Cheddar Waffles. There are original ideas to make the book stand out from the hundreds of other books out there.

If you’re looking to try your hand at some savory baking and have a hand at some new sweet baking then you’ll find this book enjoyable. I made Paprika Corn Fritters and Lime Cornbread Chicken Cups and was not disappointed.

I received a copy to review. Contains affiliate links.

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