{Book Review} Memoir of the Sunday Brunch

Ever thought your family were weird, embarrassing or over the top? Well, if you have then here’s comfort that there are families way more crazy than yours! Memoir of a Sunday Brunch is the memoir of Julia Pandl, the youngest of eleven children in her family who at the age of 12 is initiated in the weekly brunch of her family’s restaurant in Milwaukee.

The Pandl family own a popular historic restaurant in Milwaukee and the book chronicles when their youngest child, Julia joins the ranks and starts working there with her father. As Julia describes it, “they say the Lord rested on the seventh day. Not so. He went out to brunch with the rest of creation”. It also chronicles the relationship with her parents, which she describes as “I saw my parents as two separate entities, a mom and a dad, who were put on this earth for one purpose only: to take care of us. Especially me.”

Julia has a way with words and many of the descriptions made me laugh. Her Hungarian genetics has blessed her with “stovepipe legs” and a “tremendous set” of cankles. The story starts with Julia at age 12 and follows through to her thirties.  I found the earlier part of the book more amusing and full of funny quips and childhood memories.  The story progresses to the more emotional and in some parts the writing becomes almost frantic as she goes through emotional periods with her parents, their aging and her own spirituality struggles. The end of the story and the relationship Julia has with her parents, especially her father, is very touching.

I really enjoyed this book. It had an interesting storyline and was easy to read.What drew me to this book was the humor and the honesty in Julia’s words.

I received a copy of Memoir of a Sunday Brunch to review

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