{Book Review} Leon Family & Friends


I’m a pretty good cook but I’m not the most imaginative chef when it comes to savory dishes. I’m excellent at following recipes but very rarely make up my own dinner recipes from scratch. That’s why about 99% of the recipes on this blog are sweet.

Leon Beef Ragu

I own about 50 baking cookbooks and maybe about 10 cookbooks. I prefer to own a few books where I can make the recipes over and over again and never get tired of eating it. I fell in love with the desserts in Leon Baking & Puddings and had high expectations for Leon Family & Friends.

Leon Beer Butt Chicken

This is the fourth recipe book installment from Leon. The book focuses on getting children interested in cooking and special occasions. The book is divided into sections Today, Tomorrow and Yesterday. The Today section focuses on easy cooking. These are really easy recipes such as cooking eggs, smoothies and soups. Tomorrow is about recipes that require a little more planning and effort. Yesterday is all about the Leon teams favorite nostalgic recipes.

I bookmarked several of recipes straightaway. I like that the book had an absolutely huge variety of recipes. Breakfast, lunch, desserts, simple and a few recipes with more exotic ingredients. There are few recipes that don’t appeal to me at all but it’s such a large volume of recipes that’s there’s plenty in there to keep me occupied. The is an additional recipe index in the back which summarizes the vegetarian, dairy free and wheat free recipes which is handy for us since I try not to use a lot of dairy.

I made the Toscana Ragu countless times already. It’s rocketed to one of my favorite dinners. I also made the Cajun Butt Chicken several times. I’m still waiting for the day that Leon will put the recipe for their lemon ginger crunch bars in a book! I’d reccommend this book if you’re looking for meal inspiration. For desserts stick to the Leon pudding volume.

I received a copy from the publisher for review

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